The Most Advanced All-Laser LASIK Technology In Hagerstown/Frederick

wavelight-500We Are Setting The Standard In LASIK!

Leading LASIK surgeons Augustus “Gus” Stern, MD and Sidney Chang, MD are setting new standards in the field of vision correction in the tri-state area.  We offer only the most advanced technology available for all-laser LASIK.

LASIK Leaders in Frederick & Hagerstown

 We are the first and only center in the region to offer LASIK patients the safety, precision, and accuracy of the Wavelight EX500 Excimer laser for LASIK.  This is the fastest excimer laser on the market which means faster treatment times and thus less time the patient needs to be in surgery.  In fact, our average LASIK treatment times are under 10 seconds.

Perfect Pulse Technology Improves Our LASIK Outcomes

Tracking the pupil during LASIK is a critical component for optimizing outcomes. The laser pulses must be placed perfectly to ensure the right amount of treatment. The Wavelight EX500 is the only Excimer laser in the greater Frederick and Hagerstown area to feature Perfect Pulse technology, which means that every laser pulse is completely controlled from its generation to the point where it comes in contact with the surface of the cornea.

High-Speed Eye Trackers Ensure Every Pulse Placement Is Perfect

Our surgeons use an ultra thin laser pulse to sculpt the corneal surface with the utmost precision. In an effort to further enhance the safety and precision of our LASIK procedure, Perfect Pulse Technology uses an advanced high-speed eye tracker to follow the eye’s movements. This helps insure that the most accurate placement of each laser pulse delivered during your procedure.

We Use All-Laser ‘Blade-Free’ Technology for Improved Safety

In addition, we only use blade-free, all-laser technology to create the flaps for LASIK.  Our femtosecond lasers include Alcon’s LenSx, Alcon’s FS200, and AMO’s Intralase FS laser for flap creation.  Flap creation with femtosecond laser is well-known to be much safer and more precise than use of a microkeratome which uses blades. Advanced technology means better results and a safer procedure.  Do not settle for less than the best available technology!

For LASIK In Maryland, Frederick & Hagerstown, Experience Matters

We are, by far, the most experienced refractive surgeons employing all-laser technology in the Hagerstown, Frederick, Chambersburg, Martinsburg, and Cumberland areas.  In fact, we have more “blade-free” experience than all other surgeons in these areas combined!  Experience matters in giving you an optimal result with these cutting-edge technologies.

Topography-Guided LASIK

Developed by ALCON – Contoura™ Vision takes the already proven results of LASIK to the NEXT LEVEL. Contoura Vision is a topography-guided method of LASIK that integrates an imaging device called a Topolyzer to map the unique topography of the surface of your cornea sampling approximately 22,000 points. Contoura Vision uses this information to smooth out any irregularities on your cornea. Contoura Vision is truly the NEXT GENERATION LASIK procedure with the capability of providing a quality of vision not attainable with prescription glasses. It is also not ideal for every patient, so a comprehensive LASIK evaluation is recommended for everyone considering Contoura Vision.



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