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We Are Setting The Standard In LASIK!

Leading LASIK surgeons Augustus “Gus” Stern, MD, and Sidney Chang, MD, are setting new standards in the field of vision correction in the tri-state area. We offer only the most advanced technology available for all-laser LASIK.

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LASIK Leaders in Frederick & Hagerstown

We are the first and only center in the region to offer LASIK patients the safety, precision, and accuracy of the Wavelight EX500 Excimer laser for LASIK. This is the fastest excimer laser on the market which means faster treatment times and thus less time the patient needs to be in surgery. In fact, our average LASIK treatment times are under 10 seconds.

Perfect Pulse Technology Improves Our LASIK Outcomes

Tracking the pupil during LASIK is a critical component for optimizing outcomes. The laser pulses must be placed perfectly to ensure the right amount of treatment. The Wavelight EX500 is the only Excimer laser in the greater Frederick and Hagerstown area to feature Perfect Pulse technology, which means that every laser pulse is completely controlled from its generation to the point where it comes in contact with the surface of the cornea.

High-Speed Eye Trackers Ensure Every Pulse Placement Is Perfect

Our surgeons use an ultra thin laser pulse to sculpt the corneal surface with the utmost precision. In an effort to further enhance the safety and precision of our LASIK procedure, Perfect Pulse Technology uses an advanced high-speed eye tracker to follow the eye’s movements. This helps insure that the most accurate placement of each laser pulse delivered during your procedure.

We Use All-Laser ‘Blade-Free’ Technology for Improved Safety

In addition, we only use blade-free, all-laser technology to create the flaps for LASIK. Our femtosecond lasers include Alcon’s LenSx, Alcon’s FS200, and AMO’s Intralase FS laser for flap creation. Flap creation with femtosecond laser is well-known to be much safer and more precise than use of a microkeratome which uses blades. Advanced technology means better results and a safer procedure. Do not settle for less than the best available technology!

For LASIK In Maryland, Frederick & Hagerstown, Experience Matters

We are, by far, the most experienced refractive surgeons employing all-laser technology in the Hagerstown, Frederick, Chambersburg, and Cumberland areas. In fact, we have more “blade-free” experience than all other surgeons in these areas combined! Experience matters in giving you an optimal result with these cutting-edge technologies.

Free LASIK Consultations: Frederick & Hagerstown!

Ready to schedule? Questions about LASIK? Just want to book a free consultation? Our LASIK counselors are here for you.

It’s normal to have questions when considering a vision correction procedure like LASIK. That’s why we have dedicated LASIK counselors trained to answer your questions and help guide you through the LASIK process. We’re happy to discuss our fees for LASIK, how much you can save on LASIK, whether or not you might be a candidate for LASIK, safety issues, outcomes and expectation. If you’ve got LASIK questions, we have answers, including why we think all-laser blade-less LASIK is your best choice. We have guided thousands of individuals through the process of successful refractive surgery. Therefore, we have all the answers to your questions! The easiest way of learning about LASIK at Maryland Vision Institute is by giving us a call at 301-791-0888. You will be connected directly with one of our refractive counselors who can answer all of your preliminary questions. Or, you can come in and speak with our staff and doctors in-person, and at no cost if that is your preference. Another great source to answer your questions is the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website.

Okay. You’ve already had ALL of your LASIK questions answered. What is the next step?

The next step would be for you to come to our office for a free evaluation. The purpose of this evaluation is to ensure that you are a safe candidate for either Wavelight LASIK or our Topography-Guided Contoura Vision LASIK procedure. We’ll also want to discuss your goals and your lifestyle so we can custom tailor a LASIK plan just for you. You will receive a comprehensive eye exam by our experienced team to ensure your eyes are healthy enough for LASIK. We will also break down the price of having refractive surgery performed at Maryland Vision Institute. There are absolutely no hidden costs. Due to the detailed nature of this eye exam, you should allow approximately 2-2.5 hours for this comprehensive visit.

Where do I go for my LASIK consultation and the procedure itself?

For the convenience of our patients, we can perform your LASIK consultation and procedure at either our Hagerstown or Frederick offices. When you call 301-791-0888, please inform the receptionist where you want your consultation and procedure completed.

Contoura: Topography-Guided LASIK

Introducing Topography-Guided Contoura Vision

Once again, the pioneering surgeons of Maryland Vision Institute are proud to set the standard for LASIK in Maryland. Thanks to a major breakthrough in advanced German laser engineering, we are pleased to introduce Contoura Vision, the first topography-guided LASIK approved by the FDA. Contoura Vision is the first LASIK procedure to gain FDA approval that includes labeling stating that this particular LASIK technology has the unique capabilities of correcting your vision BEYOND the limits of prescription glasses.

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LASIK That Can Take Your Vision BEYOND 20/20

Our Topography-Guided Contoura Vision LASIK procedure has the potential to take your vision BEYOND glasses, BEYOND contacts and even BEYOND 20/20. Maryland Vision Institute – and Dr. Gus Stern and Dr. Sidney Chang – are the first and only eye center in the region to offer patients the exciting benefits of this advanced LASIK technology. Dr. Stern and Dr. Chang are also among the first group of surgeons in the United States to be trained in and perform Contoura Vision™ topography-guided laser vision correction.

In some ways, Contoura Vision’s topography-guided technology is similar to the advanced topography diagnostics used to enhance exploration in oil & gas industry. Except our technology now enables Dr. Stern & Dr. Chang to measure – and treat – more than 22,000 unique topography points of the surface of your cornea. No other LASIK diagnostic technology allows surgeons to measure the corneal surface in more detail.

Contoura Vision Improves Upon Traditional LASIK

Contoura Vision improves upon traditional Wavelight® LASIK by using a Topolyzer which maps the unique topography of the surface of your cornea sampling approximately 22,000 points of measurement. Contoura uses this information to smooth out any irregularities on your cornea. Not everyone is an ideal candidate for Contoura Vision, so a thorough evaluation is required to determine which of our LASIK procedures is perfect for your vision.

FDA Clinical Trials Impressive For Contoura Vision

In the FDA clinical trial, more than 1/3 of all patients undergoing Contoura Vision could see better after LASIK than they could see before with their best glasses prescription. See why below!

Contoura TopoContura Custom

In FDA-sponsored clinical trials, patients undergoing Contoura Vision achieved the best visual acuity ever recorded in clinical trials: Below are the patient results 1 year post procedure:

  • 15.7% of eyes 20/10 or better
  • 31.6% of eyes 20/12.5 or better
  • 68.8% of eyes 20/16 or better
  • 92.7% of eyes 20/20 or better
  • 96.55% of eyes 20/25 or better

The Alternative to LASIK: Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)

PRK Is An Ideal Alternative to LASIK for Certain Lifestyles or Conditions

As a leader in LASIK, we understand that not all people are ideal candidates for LASIK. Which is why we offer a surface-correction procedure called PRK. Having PRK eye surgery is a great alternative treatment option to LASIK, especially if you have a highly active lifestyle, are active duty military or have certains levels of myopic (nearsightedness), hyperopic (farsightendess) and astigmatic (astigmatism) visual errors.

What is PRK and How Does It Differ from LASIK?

PRK is an advanced laser vision correction treatment that corrects vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. It is very similar to LASIK, but the laser procedure is performed on the corneal surface vs. beneath a protective layer of tissue.

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How Does the PRK Work?

An excimer laser is used to reshape the surface of the cornea, removing a thin layer to change the cornea’s focusing power in order to correct vision problems.

PRK Recovery?

In the recent years, PRK recovery timeline and the comfort of a procedure has improved dramatically.

Following the procedure, the surgeon will place a contact lens “bandage” over the eye. This “bandage” is then removed when the epithelium (outer layer of your cornea) has healed in a short few days.

A week following your procedure, you may feel some discomfort and your vision may fluctuate. However, in a week you should be able to perform most daily tasks. It is important to note, that it can take up to 6 months to achieve your best corrected vision.

We will be having several follow-up appointments in the following weeks and months after your procedure to check your eyes and the progress of your improved vision.


PRK is very similar to LASIK because it cottects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism but it also treats higher order aberrations that affect the quality of vision. Higher order aberrations are associated with glare, halos, double vision, and difficulty seeing at night.

Unlike LASIK, PRK does not require the creation of a corneal flap, therefore, this treatment is preferred for many patients with specific corneal conditions or high-risk lifestyles like, law enforcement, aviation, military or martial arts.

PRK Cost

A frequently asked question about PRK is, what is the cost? PRK surgery is actually close to the same price as LASIK. Both procedures are considered elective surgeries by most insurance companies and may not be covered by vision insurance. However, both PRK & LASIK are approved procedures under your Flex Spending Account and Health Savings Account at work. You may also qualify for a savings depending on your Vision Plan at work.

So, what is the best option for you? The best way to answer that question is to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced eye surgeons. They will be able to help you decide whether the PRK or LASIK procedure is the better option for you. Maryland Vision Institute understands how important this decision is for you and we want to help make this process as easy as possible for you.

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